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Worth Retweeting | Videoclip: Blue Hawaii (1961) Elvis Presley spanks...

Videoclip: Blue Hawaii (1961) Elvis Presley spanks Jenny Maxwell over his knee with hand - shows he cares!

Link: Blue Hawaii (1961)

Worth Retweeting

aaronpeart Posted 19 minutes ago from Web

Blue Hawaii! As a heterosexual man, Elvis really is beautiful.

doctoraicha Posted 20 minutes ago from Web in reply to TCManiacs

@TCManiacs Your movie posts are awesome. Thanks to you, I'm watching Blue Hawaii right now. :)

miles_ahead Posted 30 minutes ago from Web in reply to TCManiacs

@TCManiacs Could you imagine if Angela Lansbury was actually Elvis Presley's mother...Whoa...

bluesaepe Posted 31 minutes ago from Web

finishes taxes, appreciates the fight scene in 'Blue Hawaii'

MarysRoseGarden Posted 31 minutes ago from Web

Watching "Blue Hawaii" and dancing around the family room

dslifton Posted 38 minutes ago from BeTwittered

Blue Hawaii on TCM! That's where a woman asks Elvis if he can satisfy a schoolteacher and four teenage girls.

debsmouse Posted 40 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Blue Hawaii is on. Angela Lansbury is so irritating in this movie.

j_bacardi Posted 44 minutes ago from twitterrific

Started out today watching FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, now, at the end, Elvis' BLUE HAWAII. Wiki wiki wiki.

johnwilson90 Posted 45 minutes ago from Web

Watching Blue Hawaii on TCM. Is Elvis wearing Curtis's swimsuit?

friendsfanatic Posted 53 minutes ago from mobile web

Falling in love with Elvis Presley all over again.

ZombieKittenO Posted at 8:47pm from Web in reply to HeavyThreads

@HeavyThreads Blue Hawaii. No ways Elvis would be a douchbag today. Think publicist would beat political correctness in him.

Leicentious Posted at 8:45pm from Web

Best new follower of the day: @TCManiacs. Hullo!

Fox4649 Posted at 8:39pm from Web

Blue Hawaii is on. Elvis is a dick to his girl. But because he's Elvis she doesn't care. Nice.

moofchild Posted at 8:36pm from Web

watching Elvis' Blue Hawaii...i so love this movie...

ethanzachemma Posted at 8:33pm from twhirl

Blue Hawaii is on. Best Elvis movie EVAH.

CaffeinatedLiby Posted at 8:30pm from Web

TCM can stop w/ the Elvis now. Really didn't like him before. After a week of his movies showing up constantly, still really not liking him.

HeavyThreads Posted at 8:30pm from Web

Think Elvis seems a little douche-y in this Blue Hawaii movie. Do you think today, Elvis would be a douchebag? Discuss...

greggscott Posted at 8:28pm from TwitterFon

Elvis in Blue Hawaii on TCM. Lots or rear projection and lip sync. "You can't spend the rest of your life on a Surf board."

tiffalado Posted at 8:26pm from Twittelator

I'm now watching Blue Hawaii, my fave Elvis movie ever. Today has been a great day...I  Gal Pal time. I feel renewed!

Care4Horsescom Posted at 8:22pm from TweetDeck in reply to No_Reins

@No_Reins I'm a fan too - have a streetsign in my bedroom - says Elvis Presley blvd ha !! (-:

ItsMrsHarris2U Posted at 8:20pm from Web

Yay for omelettes AND Elvis!! Watching 'Blue Hawaii' and eating an omelette. Mmmm...on both accounts. *wink*

AllBimmerDOTcom Posted at 8:09pm from Power Twitter

My wife is watching Blue Hawaii (Elvis). Is the King still alive?

erichatheway Posted at 8:07pm from twitterrific

[viewing] "Blue Hawaii" 1961-- the King and the Jordonaires of course. Thank you very much.

nadienka Posted at 7:45pm from Web

If Elvis Presley had lived, would he have appeared on "Murder She Wrote?" Angela Lansbury plays Elvis' mother in "Blue Hawaii" TCM 8 pm.

Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii & Girls! Girls! Girls! MP3 Downloads

Blue Hawaii is a 1961 musical film , the first of three movies to be filmed in Hawaii starring Elvis Presley. Blue Hawaii was followed by "Girls! Girls! Girls!" in 1962 and "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" in 1965.

It could be argued that this film set the tone for Presley's future film career: pretty locations, gorgeous girls, and mediocre songs. Almost all of these musical-comedy films performed well, whereas more "serious" films such as Flaming Star, Wild in the Country and Charro, did poorly at the box office. Blue Hawaii on the other hand was one of Elvis' most successful films.

The "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack album was on the Billboard Pop Albums chart for 79 weeks, spent 20 weeks at #1 on the Pop Albums chart, and sold more than 2-million copies [See: Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Albums 1955-1996]

Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley
From the Album Blue Hawaii - Collector's Edition
MP3 Download »

Girls! Girls! Girls! (Elvis 2007 Box version) by Elvis Presley
From the Album Girls! Girls! Girls!
MP3 Download »

Sidney Poitier won Academy Award for Best Actor for Lilies of the Field, first black man to win Oscar

Sidney Poitier won the 1963 Academy Award for Best Actor for Lilies of the Field, becoming the first black man to win a competitive Oscar in the USA.

Lilies of the Field is a 1962 book by William Edmund Barrett which was made into a 1963 film and adapted for the musical stage with the title Look to the Lilies. It tells the story of a Black-American itinerant worker who encounters a group of East German nuns who are convinced he has been sent to them by God to help them build a new chapel.

The film also stars Lilia Skala, Lisa Mann, Isa Crino, Francesca Jarvis, Pamela Branch, Stanley Adams and Dan Frazer.

The title comes from Matthew 6:28 a portion of the Sermon on the Mount in the New Testament.

28And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin --Matthew 6:28 (King James Version)

Jungle Red I suppose 1 coat or 2? Nail Polish By NARS

Jungle Red I suppose... 1 coat or 2?

Sylvia Fowler: [Showing her nails to Mary] Mary, how do you like that?
Nancy Blake: Too, too adorable
Sylvia Fowler: Ah, you have no idea how it stays on... I get it at Sydneys, you should go Mary. A wonderful new manicurist, Olga's her name, she's marvellous. Isn't that divine? Jungle red!
Nancy Blake: Looks like you've been tearing at somebodys throat!
Sylvia Fowler: [Smacks her hand on the table] I'll be darned Nancy if i let you ride me anymore!
Mary Haines: Oh Sylvia, Nancy's only trying to be clever too
Sylvia Fowler: Well she takes a crack at everything about me... Even my nails!
Mary Haines: Well I like them, I really do. Sydneys, Olga, jungle red... I'll remember

More Quotes for The Women (1939)»

Jungle Red Nail Polish By NARS

Michelle Zaffino, Sephora
In my experience, almost anything tumultuous that happens in life can be handled with the lessons offered by Jungle Red nail polish. The take-charge shade is featured predominately as a major plot device in Clare Booth Luce's The Women, a 1939 film whose cast is entirely made up of gorgeous gals with strong personalities. It's a story about good old-fashioned competition, and the lengths women will go to get what they want (someone else's man, in this case). The best intentions win in the end and the bad backfire—of course. Luckily, modern women now have NARS' Jungle Red, a deep, blood-red hue. Isn't it divine? MORE»

The Women | Contemporary Repackaging

The Women, the original play, is a comedy of manners by Clare Boothe Luce. It is an acidic commentary on the pampered lives and power struggles of various wealthy Manhattan socialites and up-and-comers and the gossip that propels and damages their relationships. While men frequently are the subject of their lively discussions and play an important role in the action on-stage, they are strictly characters mentioned but never seen.

The 1939 film version was directed by George Cukor and starred Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. Supporting cast included Rosalind Russell, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine and Mary Boland.

In 1956, the story was made into a musical film titled The Opposite Sex, starring June Allyson and Joan Collins.

Diane English directed and co-wrote a long-in-development contemporary remake of the film, starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes, and Annette Bening, which was released in 2008.

The "Kitty Foyle" Dress

Kitty Foyle, subtitled The Natural History of a Woman, is a 1940 film starring Ginger Rogers. The film was adapted from the eponymous 1939 novel by Christopher Morley. Ginger is not dancing and Ginger is not adorned in glamorous ballroom dresses. She's a working girl! In fact, Rogers' dress became a popular style, taking the name of the film.

A Kitty Foyle is a dress style of the 1940s characterized by a dark fabric and contrasting (usually white) collar and cuffs. This dress has also been worn by characters such as Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl and Wednesday Addams.

Reminds me of impact of "Annie Hall" on 70s fashions. More about Kitty Foyle dress from the blogosphere:

If Wednesday Adams Digs the Kitty Foyle, Then So Do I

The Kitty Foyle crops up everywhere…notably on Christina Ricci as Wednesday Adams (god i loved those movies). Over the years, it’s taken the shape of a bow at the neckline (rather than/as well as a contrasting collar) and a bright coloured dress contrasted with white or another colour. But the classic b-n-w version always ends up resurfacing.

I don’t have a KF myself, but you’ve gotta love them. Clean and classy. Plus it gives you full licence to maximise the size of your coiffe, a la Ginger Rogers. MORE »

In 1940, Hollywood offered audiences the quintessential White Collar Girl: Ginger Rogers as Kitty Foyle:

The collar for example, was a sign, expressively nuanced by size, line, decorative quality, and shape; Kitty's small, neat, crisply starched, simple white collar expressed the ideal character of the working girl. Better yet, it effected metaphorical literalization through design. Life explained, "she wears the white collar which gave her kind its name." MORE »

Lon Chaney's The Phantom of the Opera | Novel & DVD Download

The Phantom of the Opera is a 1925 silent film directed by Rupert Julian adaptation of the Gaston Leroux novel of the same title. The film featured Lon Chaney in the title role as the masked and facially deformed Phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House, causing murder and mayhem in an attempt to force the management to make the woman he loves a star. It is most famous for Lon Chaney's intentionally horrific, self-applied make-up, which was kept a studio secret until the film's premiere.

Following the success of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1923, Lon Chaney was once again given the freedom to create his own make-up as the Phantom, a habit which became almost as famous as the films he starred in. Chaney pulled his eyeballs out from their sockets with thin wires, so that his eyes appeared to bulge out and their sockets became very deep. He then kept his eyes in their bulged-out position with wires and painted his eye sockets black, giving a skull-like impression to them. He also pulled the tip of his nose up and pinned that in place with wire, enlarging his nostrils with black paint, and putting a set of jagged false teeth into his mouth to complete the ghastly deformed look of the Phantom. Although nowhere near as elaborate as his make-up for Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it was no less painful, and no less effective either. When audiences first saw The Phantom of the Opera, they were said to have screamed or fainted at the scene where Christine pulls the concealing mask away, revealing his skull-like features to the audience (but not, for a few seconds, to Christine).

Chaney's appearance as the Phantom in the film has been the most accurate depiction of the title character, based on the description given in the novel, where Erik the Phantom is described as having a skull-like face with a few wisps of black hair on top of his head. As in the novel, Chaney's Phantom has a full facial deformity present since birth, as opposed to the partial facial disfigurement caused by acid or fire (depending on the adaptation) seen in later adaptations of The Phantom of the Opera.

It is in the appearance of the Phantom that Lon Chaney is most associated with in the mind of the public.

Switchblade Symphony - Phantom Of The Opera - Movie Download »

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