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Worth Retweeting | Willie Dynamite & Zorro's Fighting Legion DVD

Unbelievable,Willie Dynamite which aired on TCM at 2:00 AM is STILL dominating the twitterverse. Zorro's Fighting Legion follows in popular twittering. If you missed it or would like to experience again its available on DVD.

Willie Dynamite (1973) DVD »

Zorro's Fighting Legion (1939) DVD »

Worth Retweeting

Willie Dynamite and Zorro Mania

bleeding_tree Posted 9 minutes ago from Web in reply to cinebeats

@cinebeats WILLIE DYNAMITE! (Yes, I do wish I'd thought of something smart to say about it.)

cinebeats Posted 35 minutes ago from Web

The Willie Dynamite (Roscoe Orman) I watched last night for the first time:

cinebeats Posted 46 minutes ago from Web

Traumatized when I discovered that the pimp Willie Dynamite was played by my beloved Gordon from Sesame Street. Gave me nightmares!

cinebeats Posted 50 minutes ago from Web

Watched a double dose pf blaxploitation last night on TCM with Willie Dynamite and the hard-to-see Sweet, Jesus Preacherman.

nicktha1da Posted at 1:27pm from Web

willie dynamite was on TV last night and that shit was maaad entertaning he look like a cross between common and avon barksdale

cmlittle Posted at 9:51am from mobile web

explaining on how zorro is superhero to kids

scorpionkiss Posted at 9:49am from Web

Zorro update:Don Diego delivers gold to Juarez but is accussed of banditry in San Mendolito. (Damn,those Yanquis)

newstrendz Posted at 8:13am from Web

Trend Update: 1. willie dynamite 2. diana falzone 3. tru confessions 4. erin foley 5. ice station zebra 6. watchm

dabesa Posted at 8:03am from Twitter4R

[Now Hottrend!] "willie dynamite" =>

rss2twitt Posted at 7:55am from Web

Hourly Trends: willie dynamite, diana falzone, tru confessions, wbc live, ...

johnparkingston Posted at 6:36am from twitterfeed

discussed by prisoners - willie dynamite

infowe Posted at 6:18am from twitthat

Reading: "watch Willie Dynamite online and cast" ( )

newstrendz Posted at 6:16am from Web

1. willie dynamite: On Tonight: Siegfried & Roy's Return - Hartford Courant, This week, it's the 1974 "Wi

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