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Worth Retweeting | Rocky ..."How to be a winner" ...unconditional love

Rocky is a 1976 film written by and starring Sylvester Stallone and directed by John G. Avildsen. It tells the rags-to-riches American Dream story of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated but good-hearted debt collector for a loan shark in Philadelphia. Balboa is also a club fighter who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship when the scheduled contender breaks his hand. Also starring in Rocky are Talia Shire as Adrian, Burt Young as Adrian's brother Paulie, Burgess Meredith as Rocky's trainer Mickey Goldmill, and Carl Weathers as the champion, Apollo Creed.

The film, made for only $1.1 million, and shot relatively fast in 28 days, was a sleeper hit; it made over US$117.2 million, and won three Oscars, including Best Picture. The film received many positive reviews and turned Stallone into a major star. It spawned five sequels: Rocky II, III, IV, V, and Rocky Balboa.

Worth Retweeting

reashamoriba Posted at 8:53pm from TinyTwitter

the loved that btwn Rocky & Adrian was beautiful. I always wanted that type of unconditional love and he saw beyond outer beauty

LaurenBlaine Posted 18 minutes ago from Web

Rocky-TCM. Training..That song... Truly, I am not a fight fan but this film should b called "How to be a winner"

lawain Posted 4 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Rocky just knocked down Apollo Creed...lets root Rocky on!!!!

ARDELLd Posted 4 minutes ago from Web, in reply to ALANHARRIS_

@ALANHARRIS_ I have a headache. Time for ice cream or a nap. Rocky's fighting...I'll go for ice cream and watch the fight.

justpat Posted 7 minutes ago from Web

Rocky is such a great movie if it is 1976 and you are 12.

kmatheson Posted 7 minutes ago from TwitterFon

finally - finally! - saw "Rocky." She will no longer make fun of people who run up the Art Museum steps.

koogz Posted 16 minutes ago from TweetDeck

RT @TCManiacs: On TCM ...Rocky (1976) ...The iconic theme song montage run : and again my favorite song :

McLellan Posted 18 minutes ago from txt

Watching ROCKY in the hotel room, chillin before the gig. Word.

koogz Posted 17 minutes ago from TweetDeck, in reply to TCManiacs

@TCManiacs my favorite song from that soundtrack is the violin solo "Rocky's Reward"

LaurenBlaine Posted 18 minutes ago from Web

Rocky-TCM. Training..That song... Truly, I am not a fight fan but this film should b called "How to be a winner"

mattventure Posted 19 minutes ago from TwitterFox

watching rocky. for the first time. ahha

TCManiacs Posted 19 minutes ago from TweetDeck

On TCM ...Rocky (1976) ...The iconic theme song montage run

njdevito Posted 20 minutes ago from twitterrific

is watching Rocky. Such a great movie.

herbmuse Posted 21 minutes ago from Web

I'm in philadelphia and I'm watching Rocky - ahhhhhhh

floyddean Posted 29 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Watching Rocky. Classic. Driving DW crazy with trivia learned from the Internet. :)

taylorinrva Posted 30 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

I'm watchin Rocky for the first time

untypoed Posted 32 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Watching Rocky. It is awesome. I missed some of it and some just now because I'm making a patty and before I didn't know it was on.

hchang Posted 33 minutes ago from

@( '.')=@Q('.' Q) Rocky Theme Song. ♫

amyjones65 Posted 35 minutes ago from Web

I just had to interject, with the older teens watching Rocky, that this was my first PG movie, seen on my 12th birthday, with both parents.

joliebritt Posted 49 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

I'm watching Rocky for the first time on TCM. I may be saying "Hey. YO. Paulie!" for the next week.

LaurenBlaine Posted 52 minutes ago from Web

Watching Rocky...I haven't seen this for soooooo long. I forgot how he got to fight Apollo Creed.

krislynch Posted 55 minutes ago from Tweetie

can't pass on rocky to watch rocky and adrian's first date. awesome scenes - especially when they're first in his apartment.

ECLamb Posted 56 minutes ago from Web

had forgotten what a good movie the first "Rocky" was.

lmjvp Posted at 8:53pm from txt

Rocky (the movie) is fucking annoying.

reashamoriba Posted at 8:53pm from TinyTwitter

the loved that btwn Rocky & Adrian was beautiful. I always wanted that type of unconditional love and he saw beyond outer beauty

ARDELLd Posted at 8:52pm from Web

Watching the original Rocky Movie. When this movie first came out I was dating the Golden Gloves champ in Philly. Parts of it are too real.

TomAllen1965 Posted at 8:50pm from mobile web

is watching "Rocky" on Turner Classic Movies channel.

Parker666 Posted at 8:49pm from txt

Watching "Rocky"- we never realised it took place in '76? Must be why he gets a badass TransAm. The 70's ruled. (Beertime!)

reashamoriba Posted at 8:48pm from TinyTwitter

back from target. ROCKY I on TV... named my 2nd born Rocky. I am in love with Sly, if my 3rd kid was a boy his names going to be Sly :-D

mar_isa Posted at 8:29pm from Web

Doing like Rocky and punching this Russian paper in the mouth...while watching Rocky, of course

LaurenBlaine Posted at 8:11pm from Web

Rocky got 45 bucks for his first fight in the movie.

koogz Posted at 7:57pm from TweetDeck

RT @TCManiacs: TCM Now Playing | 8:00pm Rocky (1976) props to sly

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