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In Memorium | Elizabeth Taylor February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

Cropped screenshot of Elizabeth Taylor from th...
Though its impossible to appropriately eulogize Elizabeth Taylor in a blog post, I will take the time just to express my sincere love for my favorite movie star. From as early as I can remember she was the my ideal woman. I rated her beauty, talent and personality above every other actress in black-in-white or technicolor, as a child star up til her the last days of her golden years. Not to mention my admiration for her life long AIDS philanthropy and respect for her preserverance through life long health problems and chronic pain. Perhaps because she and I shared the same zodiac sign, the same birthday in February,and same favorite color of purple that I always felt a special connection for this sensitive fellow Piscean. She was the only actress that I practiced idolatry for.

Screenshot of Elizabeth Taylor from the traile...
Image via Wikipedia

Cropped screenshot of Elizabeth Taylor from th...
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Cropped screenshot of Elizabeth Taylor from th...Image via Wikipedia
Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra was my favorite fantasy movie role
As I grew into womanhood I tried to capture some of her Cleopatran regality by dyeing my hair blue black. During my career as a make up artist, I plastered my lids with color, defined my eyes with black kohl liner, arched and penciled my naturally thick black brows to match hers.
During the eighties I added her frosty streaks, duplicated her layered haircut and teased my lacquered tresses into Elizabethan spikes. I imitated her bejeweled flashy fashion. I perfumed with her "Passion" fragrance. She also became my role model for business as her "White Diamonds" was always the top selling fragrance during my career in department store cosmetics. At her death Taylor left an estate estimated at $600 million to $1 billion; beyond the $150 million in jewelry, she owned $130 million in real estate. Taylor was a pioneer in marketing a celebrity merchandise brand, and despite her years as an actress, most of Taylor's wealth came from her business ventures.
Elizabeth Taylor at an...Image via WikipediaAs my age caught up with hers and I developed my own chronic pain conditions, I came to respect her life long struggle with health problems. Like everyone else she had imperfections. She made mistakes. She sinned. What makes her admirable is how she well she lived despite her pain, tragedy, problems and mistakes. She didn't let the negatives stop her. She kept on working, and giving and living life to the fullest. Right til the very end! Like Elizabeth, I hope I my epitaph will be a life well lived and well loved.

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